Biopolitics and Israel

Biopolitics‘ is a concept emerged in the 1920’s. The French philosopher and social theorist Michel Foucault expressed that Biopolitics is the style of government that regulates populations through “biopower”. It’s a strategy of power to rule people’s health, people’s reproduction, births and deaths.

The concept, very related to racism by the way, can be studied together with the phenomena of Colonialism, and more precisely, with the Zionist movement changing the whole social structure of a land, the historical Palestine, i.e. Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East- Jerusalem.

The Supremacy of Numbers

“Yallah. Have more children. You, haredim… you don’t want to serve in the army? So be productive in something else!”.

I close my eyes and imagine these words coming out the mouth of the Zionist conquers of Palestine.

“Let the beduins stay among us in the Negev… It will be useful adding their human production to our statistics of Biopower”. That would be also another Zio-quotation, but have into account the contradiction: Israeli authorities practice at the same time an ethnic cleansing against Negev beduins.

Yes. Israel is a Biopower, an authority which bases its raison d’être (d’existance) on the growth of its population (to show to the world that Jewish ‘are’ majority). In the other hand they just use the number of Israelis, people holding Israeli ID, to say to Western super-powers: “Hey, see? We are increasing in numbers. We ARE a STATE”.

That can be summarized as: How Israel plays with its policies for ethnical and religious domination.

I already mentioned that Biopolitics is racism. If Israeli authorities would have listened to one of its most powerful Zionist leaders and authors, Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotisnky, the biopolitic strategy wouldn’t have been so optime. Jabotinsky hated the idea of having a mix population (Jewish and Non-Jewish):

“A state which has a mixed national population?  To make such a demand is to ask for the impossible”, sentenced Jabotinsky in his essay “The Iron Wall”.

There is no doubt that Israeli Biopolitics are eclectic, for the sake of the supremacy of numbers.

Necropolitics… the remembrance of the Nakba

Reading about Biopolitics I came across a paper written in Spanish by a Chilean professor, Gonzalo Díaz Letelier, “Racism and Neo-Colonial Necropolitics of Israel in Palestine. Notes about the Bonds between Imagination and Violence”.

The word “Necropolitics” was echoing inside my head during the whole night.

Zionists hate them (Palestinians), and hate us (other-nationality people married to a Palestinian). We do believe in the mix. We do want to have children and have them here in the occupied Palestine, in Gaza, in West Bank or East-Jerusalem, even in Israel. However, Israelis impulse a serial of obstacles whose objective is breaking up our steadiness, violating all human rights when it comes to have a citizenship, live with our family or celebrate happily family reunification in Easter Week, Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Al-Eid al-Kibir…

In its enterprise for judaization of occupied Palestinian territories, and jewish-majoritization of Israel, they go for Biopolitics and Necropolitics.

Necropolitics is the action plan of the occupied territories. We have witnessed it clearly since October 2015. If a Palestinian seems to or is to attack… Israeli forces neutralizes him/her, kill him/her. They killed them all without a trial or a proper checkup. “Just shoot him/her and we will kill two birds with one stone”.

The idea of ‘neutralize’ is the idea of making them wiped away from the Earth.

Nappies for the Perpetuation

“Open up the border for Aleyah… Now, close it up. Change the Halakhah definition of Jew again…”.

Every law has a loophole or, as we say in Spanish: “Done the law, done the trap.”

Here is the thing:

During last months everyone on social networks was bringing into focus how the Israeli population is growing.

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) affirms that Israel has a current population of 8.522 million people, having grown 2.2% over the previous year. The CBS made public the numbers in the very day of the Israeli Independence, that is, on Nakba Day. That is very significative, isn’t it?

Last year the rate of fertility for 2014 was published: Jewish women have average of 3.11 children (up from 2.6 a decade ago). The piece of news highlighted that Arab women have a higher average, 3.17 kids, but it’s going down as before they used to have 4.3 kids.

Biopolitics… everything is so racist…. Check this out:

“The Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee of the Knesset has passed a bill for its first reading, which would allow the payment of ‘birth grants’ to mothers for having children, but only if they give birth in an Israeli hospital” (12/07/2016, Arutz Sheva).

Four days after an Israeli newspaper pointed out that Israel has the highest fertility rate among OECD nations, in Gaza, where these days people remember the second anniversary of the most bloody and destructive Israeli military operation (Tsuk Eitan, Protective Edge), the Ministry of Interior revealed that 3,894 new babies were born in April and May (2016).

During the fifty days of Protective Edge (July-August 2014) the IDF killed an average of 46 people a day; with last statistics Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are having 125 borns daily…



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